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NOT ALL LINKS ARE ACTIVATED at this time....We will be adding ALL candidates as well as database links to key votes, rankings, and endorsements  which earned each candidate the ratings on each CORE value. If you have information about an individual, please send your information for inclusion to us.

s Attention Candidates, Campaign Managers, and Interested Persons:


Please feel free to send us votes, references, photos, information on your candidate or your candidate's opponents for our review and posting. Basically, we post what you send if we can verify it and make links to the source.  Video and audio always welcomed.

Candidates: Please click on the "Are You Running" icon below and fill out our questionnaire. Thank you. We post what you send, after verification.

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"We created this site to begin the process of highlighting how each office holder and candidate stands on various positions which have historically been of CORE interest to some voters.

By collecting database information of roll call votes, position papers, announcements, press releases, police reports, and newspaper reports, as well as position sheets by CLT, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Mass Citizens for Life, Mass Family Institute, Mass Equality, MassResistance and many other pro and anti anything groups, and placing the results and/or links to those results through one portal, on one website, we hope to make it easier for everyone to get a feel (good or bad) on how candidates stand on CORE issues. 

We're working on getting our statistical information quick-linked to each candidate's rating box. Your patience is appreciated as we launch this new site."



We are seeking regional directors.

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Definitions Used on This Site

Your candidate may be pro-life or pro-abortion. That is his/her option.
This site is designed to reflect votes and positions so that YOU know what your candidate's CORE position is on various issues.  In the future, our database of each candidate's rating will contain links detailing the candidate's database of votes which earned each particular rating.  Typically, quick scans of ratings from CLT, GOAL, NARAL, and other groups provide a basis for ratings.

One vote to reduce taxes, does not represent a CORE belief. Multiple votes, and a pattern, yes. 

"When the (camera) lights are not shining
and the arms are being twisted,
how will YOUR candidate vote?"


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Definitions used on this website:

         Pro- 2nd Amendment = supports individual's gun rights
Enforce Immigration Laws = oppose drivers license, free tuition and benefits for illegals
                             Pro-Family = pro-child: supports marriage between one man and one woman
                                                     as he/she would not deny a child the fundamental right
                                                     to have a mother, or a father; supports parent rights over state rights
                                                     especially with education in our schools
                                   Pro-Life = supports full term protection and birth of babies,
                                                      against support of tax dollars for abortion

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Information listed is based on best available public information, voting records, roll calls, endorsements promoted by candidates, and/or comments made by candidates. We highly recommend that if you have any concrete information to the contrary, please forward it to us so that our review board may confirm the information and post any changes. During the review period, the current posting will be flagged accordingly. We thank you for your attention and help in this matter.

Please keep in mind, one "good" vote on a issue does not counter multiple "bad" votes on an issue. 

We seek to accurately reflect the "CORE" values of each candidate.


Disclaimer: THIS IS A FREE POSTING SERVICE PROVIDED AS A SERVICE TO ALL. NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACCURACY OR RESULTS, DIRECT, OR INDIRECT RESULTING OUT OF, OR CAUSED BY SAID POSTINGS, whether direct, indirect, whether we knew, should have known, could have known, or reasonably expected to know will be assumed by said poster and his/her designees.  This site is maintained and updated at least weekly. All postings listed are either "in the public domain" or we have received a special request to post same, or based same on comments, votes, or direct actions and comments by the persons so noted.  Neither VCV nor any of its assignees, associates, designees, affiliates or relations or companies make any representation as to the accuracy of said postings, and advise you to contact the candidate/person directly with any questions, and be foreceful and don't believe vague spin. Actions count more than words. One vote says more than 1,000 position papers. Notwithstanding the afformentioned, we accept no responsibility for any actions direct or indirect, including both financial, medical, personal or other loss or affect, which results either directly or indirectly from these postings and this service. In other words, we have big lawyers - play nice.


This site is provided as a free resource by VCV. If you have info to share, please contact us. E-mail

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