Our latest nominee for the Wall of Shame –

Why it’s His Excellency the Guvnah Charlie the Boss Baker!

Yes the likeable Charlie Baker has now joined the ranks of infamous thugs like longtime Chicago Richard Daily.



Backstabbing the very activists that helped elect him in 2014, Boss Baker has recruited a plethora of political toadies, many of whom hold political patronage positions to run for Massachusetts Republican State Committee. The litany of lapdogs includes no-names who have a track record of donating to Democrats, carpetbaggers that just moved into the district… in one case a guy who prior to moving into Boston was most recently a registered Democrat in New York. 

And just who is Baker seeking to purge from the State Committee? Grassroots activists that have been battling in the trenches for years. People who have been trying to build the MA-GOP in spite of opposition by a self-serving Establishment, only interested in goodies a Republican Governor can deliver.

All this is certainly enough to make Good Time Charlie a splendid nominee for our Wall of Shame.  But no that’s not all folks!  We can add to that activity that rational person would call abuse of power, abuse of public employees, abuse of public funds, and good old fashion extortion.

On February 19th, Frank Phillips of the Boston Globe broke the following the story.

Boss Tweed, Boss Baker — whoever thought the twain would meet?

But here we have Governor Charlie Baker and his political crew facing accusations of Tammany Hall tactics, twisting arms and using the powers of his office to corral patronage hires to line up behind him in an increasingly nasty intraparty power struggle.

In an e-mail obtained by the Globe, Lisa Barstow, a Baker administration hire who is also a state committeewoman and veteran conservative activist, expressed anguish over what she described as pressure from Baker’s political team to back a candidate for an open seat on the Republican State Committee.

“The HARD ANVIL of the corner office came down on me last week with vengeance and NO MERCY . . . and WITH FORCE . . . made me endorse Peter Lorenz,’’ Barstow, who was recently appointed to be director of community relations at the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, wrote in a Feb. 3 e-mail circulating among her friends in GOP circles. “This is a sickening state for me.”

Lorenz, of Brookline, is a candidate for the state committee in the First Middlesex and Norfolk Senate District. The conservatives, meanwhile, are backing Tom Mountain of Newton in the three-way fight for an open seat.

Baker aides, however, were unequivocal in their denial of any such pressure exerted. They said no one from his staff contacted Barstow and twisted her arm.

“It’s absolutely not true,’’ said Jim Conroy, a chief political adviser to Baker. “It is exactly opposite to the way we operated.”

 Still, something was upsetting Barstow.

“I won’t even begin to tell you the HELL I have been put through and the expectations put on me with and about Lorenz,’’ she wrote. “The hell I am paying now by endorsing is NOTHING to compare with what I would get as punishment for NOT doing so. . . . The torture to say no to endorsing Lorenz surely would put me in the hospital from stress. . . . I know my body and the chronic stomach illnesses I’ve already been dealing with for years.”

Baker’s venture into this nasty battle with the conservative wing of his party is sure adding a new dimension to his profile. He is showing he has more tools in his box than just, as he says, “blocking and tackling’’ state government.


Charlie Baker won a razor thin in 2014, because people like Lisa Barstow worked tirelessly for him. He won because others had the good sense to put question on the ballot (Tank the Gas Tax… Question 1), knowing that it would not only save the taxpayers billions, but it would provoke a less than motivated Republican and Conservative Independent voter base to go out vote on Election for a less than inspiring and very insipid Republican like Charlie Baker. Charlie ran preaching good government. Is using and abusing the taxpayers employees for his personal political goals good government?  We at Vote Core Values think not !


The Crooks - Massachusetts

The Jerks - Massachusetts

The Drunkards - Massachusetts

The Tax Lunatics & Whackadoodles

Useless Back-stabbing Republicans

The Extreme Liars - Massachusetts

"In a Class of Their Own"

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The Crooks - Massachusetts

former Speaker of the House
2004 - 2009
Resigned - Convicted of Consipracy
Corruption, Fraud, etc...

Salvatore F. DiMasi

Convicted June 15,2011
By Federal Jury on Federal Corruption Charges Sent to FEDERAL PRISON for 8 years.

2011: Convicted of trading $17.5 million worth of state contracts for kickbacks between 2005 and 2007. $65,000 in bribes secretly funneled to DiMasi. The guy was well liked, powerful. In Feb. 2012 he was transfered to a local pen in Conn. and has been perched to sing against others, in testimony regarding more corruption (govt' jobs for friends and family), and for having folks on the public dole who do NOTHING. Absolutely nothing, and receive paychecks. Investigation ongoing as of posting.

former Speaker of the House
1996 - 2004
Resigned - Pleaded guilty perjury
and obstructing justice

Thomas Finneran

Pleaded Guilty 2007
For Obstructing Justice and Giving False Testimony (repeatedly lying) in a 2003 Lawsuit over Legislative Redistricting (re-writing the district lines to protect Democrats)
Sentenced to 18 months 'unsupervised probation' and fined $25,000. Later lost his law license. Now a talk-show host on WRKO where 'indentured' (tried to break his contract to leave the station, but could not) talk-show host Howie Carr referers to him repeatedly as "Felon Finneran". A nice, sharp-talker, who got a slap on the wrist.
Update: Oct. 25, 2012: Finally, the courts have ruled to strip him of his pension. He'll most likely appeal.

former Speaker of the House
1991 - 1996
Resigned - Pleaded guilty to
tax evasion

Charles Flaherty

Pleaded Guilty to Federal Felony Tax Charge. Also received free' vacation housing' from lobbyists (Newport, RI Condo, Couit House, Kennebunkport Holidays, Mashpee House, and Martha's Vineyard Condo....). In short, this guy would take his family on vacations many many many times and stay at very nice places all on the dime of a lobbyist who cared to curry the power speaker's favor. Mr. Flaherty was so well loved, the legislature poured out to defend the guy, but facts, one exposed, finally toppled him. (See the listing.) Fined $26,000 by state for the free vacations. Unknown what influence the free vacations had on his legislative dealings.

former Speaker of the House
Resigned - Indicted on charges of conspiracy and bribery
Died of alcoholism prior to court conclusion.

John F. Thompson

From article:

"Elected as a representative at the age of 28, Thompson became majority leader in 1955 and speaker two years later. Thompson’s leadership style was reflected in his nickname: The Iron Duke.

Thompson’s tenure was speaker was undone, however, when he was indicted in 1964 on 58 counts of requesting and accepting bribes. Although he was re-elected to the House, he resigned as speaker and assumed the vice chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee.

Thompson, who severely wounded in the legs during the Normandy invasion, died of acute alcoholism on Aug. 12, 1965 at the age of 45

former State Senator
Pleaded guilty to 8 counts of Attempted Extortion and
for taking bribes

Diane Wilkerson

Convicted on tax-evasion charges from accepting bribes over an 18-month period that totaled $23,500.
Sent to PRISON.

She was videotaped
stuffing bribe money into her bra and subsequently became the butt of many jokes regarding cup size (she has a 10G, get-it?).
Sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison
Shown wearing Deval Patrick Sticker. Deval Patrick (Gov.) placed Robo-Calls urging folks to vote for this tax-cheat who had numerous other legal problems before getting nabbed.

former Boston City Councilor

Chuck Turner

Convicted Jan. 25, 2011 for taking a $1,000 bribe then lying about it. Called it a 'preacher's handshake.' Repeatedly cried to the media that he was targetted because of the color of his skin. A movement of "We Stand with Chuck" sprung out. At age 70, he was sent to Federal PRISON for a 3 1/2 year term in Virginia. He lost his $84K/year job as a Boston City Councilor and subsequently tried to get back-pay for his ouster. Apparently while the Council was correct in dumping the hack's pension, they pulled the trigger too soon, so looks like the hack might get it back!! Amazing.

former State Senator
2001 - FINALLY sent to JAIL


Joseph James Marzilli, Jr.

Sentanced to 3 months in prison after pleading guilty to charges of resisting arrest and diorderly conduct. What did he do? Sat on a bench in downtown Lowel Mass and made leud comments not worthy of printing here including refrence to women's body parts and tried to touch women. He ran from police and when they caught him he gave a false name to police.

From the Boston Herald:

Ex-Mass. senator keeps pension despite conviction

BOSTON (AP) - A former Massachusetts state senator who pleaded guilty to accosting four women in 2008 has been allowed to keep a $14,000-per-year state pension.

The state Retirement Board ruled Thursday that James Marzilli's crimes were not connected to his official duties as a lawmaker, and thus under state law he was allowed to keep the pension.

The board did, however, reject Marzilli's request for an enhanced pension of $26,000 annually under an old law that increased benefits for incumbents who lost an election, because Marzilli resigned.

Marzilli is a Democrat from Arlington.

He was sentenced in February 2011 to three months in jail and five years of probation after he admitted making lewd remarks to four women in June 2008 in downtown Lowell. He blamed his actions on mental health issues

Read more:

former State Reprentative
Eff. Jan. 1, 2013 - RESIGNED


Stephen Stat Smith

"Stat" got a plea deal approved with federal prosecutors which allowed him to avoid time in the joint. Instead, he had to resign from office effective Jan. 1, 2013. Wonder if he got to keep his pension? Hmm. And if that extra one day in 2013 give him another whole year count towards his pension? Hmm.

What did he do?
Oldest trick in the book: voted for himself. Many, many times.

Here's his scam: get a list of folks in his district who aren't registered to vote. Register them, then get absentee ballots, fill them out, vote for himself, and mail them in on behalf of the phantom voters.

Problem is, unlike others, this guy got caught.

"U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz announced the news... Under his plea agreement, he will not be allowed to seek elected office for five years... Prosecutors said Smith is alleged to have cast invalid absentee ballots in support of his races for office for voters who were ineligible or unaware of ballots being cast in their names."

The Jerks - Massachusetts


N. Andover


SEPT. 2012

Vulgarity and
F- bomb usage by Torrisi, via TAXPAYER-FUNDED
"Michael Graham is an xxxhole. He can go fxxx himself for all I care."

Click HERE to view an e-mail response from the prince of arrogance to a request to explain his vote/position to a talk show radio host. The prince admitted what he had done.

"Michael Graham is an xxxhole. He can go fxxx himself for all I care."


Question: why have his collegues not censured him yet?

Click HERE to read the source

The Drunkards - Massachusetts


Anthony Galluccio

1, Convicted of Drunk  Driving - 1984*
2. Convicted of Drunk Driving - 1997*
3. Fled the scene of a vehicle accident 2009, where he plowed into a minivan injuring a 12-year old (hit was so hard his license plate was imprinted onto the minivan's rear bumper in red paint)*

Please see Herald article of 3/31/2009, etc. for notes.  Most recently (12/09) claims his toothpaste blew his breathalizer, but failed to prove it (why didn't he bring toothpaste and a breathalizer to court and have the judge try it out??   Tossed in Jail 1/4/2010.  Resigned office from prison on 1/5/2010. 

This is what some call "a good start" to get rid of some of the more aggregious drunkards. 


Paul Kujawski (D)

“This is the guy who peed on the state trooper’s boots”

Consistent Tax Raiser on a 'Free-Ride' Thanks to Unions and Lobbysists

See CLT ratings and sales/meals tax votes.   Also see the triple-dipper on car-payments...lobbist and union donations bolster this guy's campaign account, and he spends >$25K of it on his PERSONAL CAR. A hack's hack this Mr. Kujawski.
Team 5 Investigates

Very bad with almost all tax votes, with the exception of the recent 6.25% booze tax. (But, he probably voted against it due to his reported excessive use of the products.) See Howie Carr's notes of his drunken arrest.)   Or see Herald issue"Kujawski has made his share of headlines including his arrest ... his $17,000 fine in 2007 and $10,000 in 2004 for violating Massachusetts campaign finance law

The Tax Lunatics & Whackadoodles


Pam Richardson

Driver's licenses for illegal aliens.

Tuition breaks for illegal alliens.

Voting rights for illegal aliens?

Votes for tax increase after tax increase.....

Gosh, can we really afford her any longer?


Barry Fiengold, Andover

AKA: "Feel-good Fiengold"

AKA: "'Every side, of every issue."

Barry's slogan should be:
'I'm on every side, of every issue.'

Voted in favor of benefits for illegals.

Quite the sweet talker.
Has been raising taxes and smiling in your face for years. Now he wants to be a Senator??

1) Voted to try to prevent the "Scott Brown" election. (H4246).
2) Got an F rating from L.A.R.G.O. when he voted to Further Restrict Second Amendment Rights of Law Abiding Citizens. We'll post more recent votes when compiled, but let's face it, he's an ULTRA-LIBERAL LIBERAL.

3) in 2009 VOTED (H1230) in favor of giving in-state Tuition to illegal Aliens.

4)  Voted for Sales Tax, Meals Tax, Alchohol tax, etc. increases. Has CLT rating of 7%. Solid F- for protecting the taxpayers.

5) Supports funding for homosexual education in grade schools.

6) Endorsed by National Abortion Rights Action League for his past support of Abortion Clinics.

1. Barry was for a $35M Lawrence Bailout without State oversight or a State Receiver, before he was against it.
2. Barry voted for the 6.25 % Liquor Tax even though his district borders NH.
3. Barry received Literature that was printed on Lawrence School presses. Other recipients have been indited...

4. Barry is rabidly Pro-Death. In 2007 an article appeared on his site citing Late Term Abortion stating that, "The Supreme  Court's recent decision to uphold a ban on federal ban on late term abortion is an alarming departure from past precedent."


Barbara A. L'Italien, Andover
"Taxes L'Italien"

Big thanks to CLT Exec. Dir. Barbara Anderson for shining a light on 'Taxes L'Italien'.



Has a 7% rating from CLT.

SMILES AND SMILES AND RAISES TAXES - Update: Ousted from the legislature in 2010, but newly e-lected Democrat State Treasurer created a brand new $100K/year position for her to rest in.


Richard Neil

2nd Congressional Dist.


Neal scores 0% by FAIR on immigration issues.

He has sponsord 11 bills, and NONE of them made it into law.

OF the 95 bills he co-sponsored, only 1 made it into law.

Inneffective, party-line tax raiser.



Tax Raiser

10% rating from CLT
Fred Berry (D)

Very friendly and personable man who, because of his physical challenges is considered untouchable "(no one can run against a cripple." ) But, can we afford the friendly cost-joke-cracking guy any more?




Tax Raiser
0% rating from CLT
Thomas M. McGee (D)
The Extreme Liars


Rep. Denise Andrews (D-Orange)

Despite her 2012 website statements:

  • We will do the right thing.
  • We are honest and straightforward with each other.
  • We operate within the letter and spirit of the law. "

Howie pretty much sums it all up below.

Or, check the other postings

Hack state rep tries to get rival arrested
By Howie Carr - Friday, Sept. 14, 2012

The hack du jour is state Rep. Denise Andrews (D-Orange). She may be the most desperate politician in Massachusetts this year.

She is so desperate that she accused her GOP opponent of buying cocaine — and didn’t have some coatholder make the allegation anonymously, but did it herself, in person, to the chief of police in her rival’s hometown of Athol.

Rep. Andrews then doubled down, telling the chief that one of his cops had gone to her opponent’s home and taken the cocaine away from her and brought it back to the station house.

Turns out, the cop she accused wasn’t on duty that day. And Andrews’ rival wasn’t even in Athol that day. Denise Andrews told the chief her source was another Athol cop who said the drug dealer who sold the coke had called the police station after the transaction.

That happens a lot, right? A coke dealer makes a sale and then dimes out a paying customer for no reason. But of course, that didn’t really happen either. The chief checked the phone logs and there were no such dime drops on the day in question, just like there was no cocaine logged into the drug locker that day.

Other than all of the above, Rep. Andrews’ story totally stood up. Just like U.S. Sen. Harry Reid’s fact-free accusations against Mitt Romney last month.

The Athol chief handled everything strictly by the book, as well he should have. The GOP candidate, Susannah Whipps Lee, is the chairman of the Board of Selectmen in Athol. The chief asked her to come in to the police station.

“I was shocked when the chief told me somebody had accused me of buying cocaine,” Lee said the other night. “I was even more shocked when he told me that these completely fabricated and scurrilous allegations were made by my opponent.”

Attempts were made to reach Rep. Andrews. But she was apparently not available yesterday.

But Andrews did issue a statement defending her actions, sort of. She claimed she got the information from a “concerned constituent.”

“The constituent’s concern was that if this was in fact true, there was a gross injustice occurring.”

Lee responded: “The gross injustice is her filing a false report against both a citizen and a police officer. It’s dirty politics and bullying — bullying to muscle me out. I think it’s fabricated, I think it’s all made up.”

Of course, Andrews could prove she didn’t concoct the story out of thin air by identifying the “cop” who gave her the bogus information. But she’s citing hack-concerned constituent privilege, saying she will not “divulge that constituent’s name to any person or agency without the permission of the constituent.”

After she spoke to the chief, Lee says, “I went through the humiliation of getting a drug test at my local hospital, just to prove I was clean.”

Harry Reid must be proud. He’s started a real trend among his fellow Democrats here.


Elizabeth 'Pow Wow' Warren
Harvard Professor
Running for Congress 2012

Built a career on claiming she was Native American Indian. False claim with no documentation and, when finally called out about it, she AVOIDS question! Refuses to address it after intially trying to spin it.

Native American groups have asked to meet with her. SHE REFUSES TO MEET WITH THEM to discuss the issue.

Liar, liar, liar, and more lies.

She stated that the reason she listed herself that way was to meet more Native Americans. She even wrote the "Pow Wow Cookbook" in which she plagarized (Bidenized for those who remember the term) recipes and even claimed certains seafood recipes were served on the Indian plains. What a joke.

Useless Back-Stabbing Republicans - Massachusetts

Former Governor Bill Weld (R)

Endorsed Barack Hussein Obama for president in 2008 against John McCain.

In 2014, 3 weeks before Nov. election, endorsed a SOCIALIST backed, ultra-liberal, anti-gun, pro-illegal immigration, pro-high taxes, and pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion candidate against a Republican in a local Rep. race.

" What is especially outrageous with Bill Weld's endorsement of Michael Seamus Day (D-31st Winchester) is that Day is a left-wing extremist socialist who was endorsed by Mass Alliance, Progressive Massachusetts, NARAL, MassEquality and other left-wing individuals and organizations." -J.N.

Bill (shown in March 2014 photo at Republican Convention).





Robert S. Hargraves (R)

Refused to support other republican for election in pact with ULTRA_LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Jamie Eldridge.

 We now have the audio! Click HERE to read more and listen! This guy also was so stupid he left an audio message on an answering machine, explaining that he's made a pact. (Of course, this is nothing new: We've seen this type of non-help or blocking amongst other ENTRENCHED Republicans including a couple of high profile House members and at least one Senator.)

ALSO: Dec. 2009: Hargraves is ONLY "Republican" to vote against taking a furlough, because it would cost him "$500" each year of his retired life.  Listen to the audio.

In a Class of Their Own

“You don’t belong in Boston.” – Mayor of Boston Tom Menino

JULY 2012:
This guy is trying to ban Chick Fil-A from Boston because the owner holds traditional views on marriage and sexuality. Forget the underlying issue; the point is government doesn't have this kind of authority or right under our Constitution. If people want to boycott this chain, it's their personal business. It's called the FREE MARKET.

Mumbles Menino is an angry bitter man at times. Sad.


Governor's Council Member

Marilynn Petito Devaney

At age 69, she got hauled into court to defend herself, accused of hurling a curling iron at a store clerk who refused to take her check without an ID. She pleaded out: admitted to nothing, wrote a letter of apology, and was sent on her way. Hey, it happens, we all get a little pissed at times....but let's step forward in time to more about this octogenarian (age 74):

A few notes:

Marilynn Petito Devaney: she voted to put a judge on the SJC that
noted in prior ruling that same-sex acts between adult family members might
not be insest because it doesn't endanger the gene pool. When people
testified against the nominee, she slammed them.


More coming on this long-term, much beloved, and much puzzling Governor's Council member who is endorsed by a who's who of liberal politicans and left-leaning unions (typical).



State Senate President


Therese Murray


Really, not many comments are required, but here's a taste:

"You might have heard of this little thing called the tea-bag movement, tea party movement....nutbag." Terry Murray attacks the Tea Party.

Believes EVERYONE Should be allowed to come to U.S. and the GOV'T should support them.

From one of her opponents notes who said it best:
"Did you see last week that Senator Marzilli is getting a state pension? Going to jail is not enough to cancel out a state pension in the Commonwealth. Senator Murray made his pension even bigger because she failed to strip him of his committee chairmanship after being arrested. He never again stepped in the State House after being arrested, but our Senator let him keep collecting the extra Chairman’s pay. "


Harold Naughton, Jr.
Rep., 12th Worcester
2014: This gentleman has been running a 'listening tour' on gun control
...or rather, self-promotion.
He landed on the Wall-of-Shame after numerous nominations: for being a military officer swore to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution but being nothing more than a gun grabbing anti-Second Amendment gun grabber and dishing the Gun Owner's Action League.
He's also a tax and spend liberal, but everyone knows that.




From Clinton MA Tea Party

Barack Obama Anti-American quotes



Whatever we once were, we’re no longer a Christian nation.”

“America does not presume to know what is best for everyone”

“As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”

“In America, there’s a failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world.”

“The United States is still working through some of our own darker periods in our history.”

“Too often, the United States has not pursued and sustained engagement with our neighbors.”

“The United States will be willing to acknowledge past errors where those errors have been made.”

“So let me be clear: no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other.”

“We need to internalize this idea of excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of time trying to be excellent.”

“Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”

“Our country still struggles with the legacies of slavery and segregation, the past treatment of Native Americans.”

“The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t. But she is a typical white person….”

“That’s what I’m opposed to. A dumb war. A rash war. A war based not on reason but on passion, not on principle but on politics.”

“My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy. We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect.”

“So the record is clear: Rather than keeping us safer, the prison at Guantanamo has weakened American national security. It is a rallying cry for our enemies.”

“I would like to think that with my election and the early decisions that we’ve made, that you’re starting to see some restoration of America’s standing in the world.”

“The Holy Koran tells us, “O mankind! We have created you male and a female; and we have made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another.”

“While the United States has done much to promote peace and prosperity in the hemisphere, we have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms.”

“The danger I think is when the United States or any country thinks that we can simply impose these values on another country with a different history and a different culture”

“So I read the book to help me understand what it is that makes white people so afraid, their demons, the way ideas get twisted around. It helps me understand how people learn to hate.”

“You want a fight, President Bush? Let’s fight to wean ourselves off Middle East oil, through an energy policy that doesn’t simply serve the interests of Exxon and Mobil.”

“…I’ve got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

“It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

“America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

“That’s why, in the United States, we recently ordered the prison at Guantanamo Bay closed. That’s why we prohibited–without exception or equivocation–the use of torture. All of us have to change. And sometimes change is hard.”

“Too often, the United States has not pursued and sustained engagement with our neighbors. We have been too easily distracted by other priorities, and have failed to see that our own progress is tied directly to progress throughout the Americas.”

“In America, there’s a failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world. Instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”

“You know, the truth is that right after 9/11, I had a pin,” Obama said. “Shortly after 9/11, particularly because as we’re talking about the Iraq War, that became a substitute for I think true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to our national security, I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest.

“In other words, we went off course. And this is not my assessment alone. It was an assessment that was shared by the American people who nominated candidates for President from both major parties who, despite our many differences, called for a new approach–one that rejected torture and one that recognized the imperative of closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay.”

“So don’t be discouraged by what’s happened in the last few weeks. Don’t be discouraged that we have to acknowledge potentially we’ve made some mistakes. That’s how we learn. But the fact that we are willing to acknowledge them and then move forward, that is precisely why I am proud to be President of the United States, and that’s why you should be proud to be members of the CIA.”

“Unfortunately, faced with an uncertain threat, our government made a series of hasty decisions. I believe that many of these decisions were motivated by a sincere desire to protect the American people. But I also believe that all too often our government made decisions based on fear rather than foresight; that all too often our government trimmed facts and evidence to fit ideological predispositions.”

“In fact, part of the rationale for establishing Guantanamo in the first place was the misplaced notion that a prison there would be beyond the law–a proposition that the Supreme Court soundly rejected. Meanwhile, instead of serving as a tool to counter terrorism, Guantanamo became a symbol that helped al Qaeda recruit terrorists to its cause. Indeed, the existence of Guantanamo likely created more terrorists around the world than it ever detained.”





is what noted journalist and talk-show host Michelle McPhee calls the former state rep, and now Lawrence Mayor.

6/18/10 Slick Willie SLAMMED THE DOOR IN HER FACE because he didn't feel like talking to the PRESS about his spending, and there are more ethics issues here than Chicago!



Edward J. Markey (D)

Support for cap & trade (tabled until after election), obamacare, telecom reform bill; role in finance bill, and in stopping off shore drilling. This clown is never seen in the district except election time, but you can always visit him at his home in Maryland. We could fill pages on this one.





Eugene L. O'Flaherty  (D)

Michelle McPhee
calls this guy
"total moron"

We need add no more.


St.Fleure Tax Evader

Marie P. St. Fleur (D)
Infamous for not paying her own taxes. Forced to drop out of Lt. Governor race (as Tom O'Reilly's running mate) one day after GLOBE exposed her. Became one of the decade's biggest butt of jokes for Radio Personality/Journalists, including noted political commentator Howie Carr.


Tax Raiser

Can we afford her
any more??

Patricia D. Jehlen (D)





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