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Sean Bielat



Guns, 2nd Amendment



I support the 2nd Amendment
I have a License to Carry
I have an FID Card
I am a member of GOAL
I am a member of the NRA
Gun license fees should be low to encourage legal gun ownership
I will support a hunter's rights
I will never vote to diminish gun owner's rights
I have or will seek the endorsement of GOAL (state candidates)








1) Several of these are state-level issues. For these issues I marked how I would vote if I were in state office rather than Federal office.

2) I support freezing salaries; the only reason I marked 'no' to this question is that I don't support the U.S. Government breaking contract terms or not holding true to its existing obligations.

3) I STRONGLY support turnover among elected officials but I am concerned that term limits could have the unintended effect of transferring more power to unelected legislative staff who would be even less responsive to voters. I would also expect that incumbents who reached their term limit would end up in these staff roles and then they would be essentially "untouchable" by voters. Instead of term limits, I intend to work actively for election reform that will enable more turnover. As a 2010 challenger to a 16-term incumbent who outspent me by $2 million in a highly gerrymandered district, I know first-hand how hard it is under current laws for challengers to take on powerful incumbents. As for me personally, I have NO desire to spend a career in office. I have had a strong career in the private sector and intend to return to an executive role in business.






I am appalled at the Obama administration's willful flouting of the law by setting a policy to ignore enforcement of federal immigration law, simply to win votes. In addition to the topics mentioned above, I strongly support voter ID laws which, among many other benefits, would have the impact of ensuring illegal immigrants could not vote in our elections.


Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice



, not abortion

When do human beings begin to exist?

With the continual advancements in neonatal and prenatal medical care, it's clear that it will be increasingly difficult for abortion supporters to argue that life doesn't begin at the earliest stages. My wife and I had our first two children in the past two years and saw and heard their heartbeats at 6 weeks; it is truly a moment of awe. I support the idea that all mothers deserve this same experience prior to making any decision to end a life.

Until what point should a women be able to abort her baby?

I'm opposed to abortion.

Have you ever had the opportunity to promote your views on these issues? (provide an example).

During both my 2010 and 2012 campaigns, I was asked about abortion many, many times. I used several ways to explain some of the reasoning behind my views but the end of the day, answers using more than just the words "pro-life" or "pro-choice" will almost always be criticized by both sides. Unfortunately, those catch phrases don't do enough to answer the question as a policy issue in addition to an ethical belief.

I debated Barney Frank about 10 times and in one debate, I focused on the fact that Congress is unlikely to hold an up/down vote on abortion. I also stated clearly my position on the issues that Congress would be likely to vote on. Shortly after the debate that clip was posted by a local news site to try to show I was pro-life and trying to hide it. Ironically, that same clip is now being used by some pro-life individuals to make the case that I'm pro-choice! You can see my specific views above but we also need to be able to talk about the issue and the policy around it if we want to make progress. It's unfortunate that abortion is such a polarizing topic and a lot of this is could have been prevented if the judicial branch didn't try to make law instead of leaving that to the legislative branch instead.


Pro-Family vs. Pro Same-Sex Marriage



I define marriage as one man and one woman, only, and will vote that way if given the choice

I believe that marriage is something that is:

something that can be re-defined by the state

Have you ever had the opportunity to promote your views on these issues? (provide an example).

Marriage should be defined as it has been for the past 4,000 years. That's straightforward. Separate from that issue is the right of any adults to, through essentially contractual means, transfer money or property. I don't think government should intrude on individuals' rights to make legal transfers or allocations of property or money.






Additional Comments:

I believe in the U.S. Constitution as a clear guide for the role of government, the separation of powers between the Federal and state governments, and the balance of powers between branches. Simply referring back to these core principles would substantially reduce the size and scope of our federal government.

4. My personal support of state rep. and other (non-Governor) candidates in 2008, 2010, and TODAY!:

As a candidate in 2010 and 2012, I have supported many other Republicans at all levels.


About Me

Closest blood relative who served in the US Military, when and where:

I served in the USMC (active duty 1998-2002, Reserve 2002 - present); brother: USN (2002-2008), father: USAF (1967-1979), 3 uncles USAF, USN, USA (Vietnam era); 2 grandfathers USA (WWII)

Last two books I read:

"Fearless", Eric Blehm (biography of a SEAL Team Six operator killed in Afghanistan); "In the First Circle", Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Your favorite US President of all time, and why:

Harry Truman (today he'd be a Republican):

He was an everyday American (he never even finished college) who made extremely difficult decisions and demonstrated strong leadership that helped set the course of the rest of the 20th Century.

Without the decision to use the atomic bomb, millions of lives would likely have been lost in the invasion of Japan. He was also Commander-in-Chief during the last several months of combat in Europe. His decision to fire an extremely popular military icon, Douglas MacArthur, for not directly obeying his Commander-in-Chief was a clear assertion of civilian control of the military.

The Truman doctrine to contain the Soviet threat was critical; in retrospect it was straightforward but at the time was extremely difficult.

He ordered the Berlin airlift and oversaw the establishment of NATO. The Department of Defense was organized, the Air Force established as a separate branch, the CIA and intelligence community established, and the Armed Forces integrated under Truman's watch.

The decision to participate closely in rebuilding Europe via the Marshall plan stabilized Europe and the world.

The U.S. recognized Israel as a nation under his watch.

He helped enable international monetary stability.

Truman also served in combat in the artillery in WWI.

Finally, Truman prevented implementation of a number of expansive government programs proposed under FDR's administration. (Compare all those accomplishments to the "leadership" of this administration...)

Your favorite US President of the 20th Century, and why:

See above.

Your LEAST favorite US President of the 20th Century, and why:

It's unfortunate that the 21st Century isn't an option because that would be an easy one...

In the 20th Century: Lyndon Johnson: LBJ's massive "Great Society" social programs left an unsustainable legacy of debt while creating dependency among many, and it has only hurt those it was intended to help. Additionally, his handling of the Vietnam war, in which he personally selected bombing targets and dictated minor details of strategy, cost thousands of American lives. Our troops did what they were sent to do but their civilian leadership failed them.

When was the last time you shot a firearm?

About two years ago.


There is a large amount of information available online about my campaigns, including views, interviews, tv appearances, etc. There will always be some people who will try to distort other candidates' records so if you have questions about any other issue positions, please do a simple Google search or contact our campaign directly.


Additional Candidate Campaign Information


Please list contact information for folks to volunteer/donate to your campaign their time, energy, and dollars:

Either through www.SeanForCongress.comor617-477-8479or Bielat for Congress 201221 Cocasset StFoxboro, MA 02035or




Congressional Candidates ONLY:

Yes, depending on the specific meaning of "reigning in".

Yes, I support Congress having the same health care plan as other Federal employees.

No, but I will work actively to create a more level playing field for non-incumbents so voters can elect more challengers and impose their own term limits.
Possibly, but it should be included with a larger package of reforms. By itself it probably wouldn't accomplish much--a) it's an extremely small part of the budget b) the vast majority of Congress has sufficient means as to not really be meaningfully affected by a freeze. I do believe we need a clearer link between Congress and their performance.



Your candidate may be pro-life or pro-abortion. That is his/her option. This site is designed to reflect votes and positions so that YOU know what your candidate's CORE position is on various issues.  In the future, our database of each candidate's rating will contain links detailing the candidate's database of votes which earned each particular rating.

Definitions used on this website:
         Pro- 2nd Amendment = supports individual's gun rights
Enforce Immigration Laws = oppose drivers license, free tuition and benefits for illegals
                             Pro-Family = pro-child: supports marriage between one man and one woman
                                                     as he/she would not deny a child the fundamental right
                                                     to have a mother, or a father; supports parent rights over state rights
                                                     especially with education in our schools
                                   Pro-Life = supports full term protection and birth of babies,
                                                      against support of tax dollars for abortion

Information listed is based on best available public information, voting records, roll calls, endorsements promoted by candidates, and/or comments made by candidates.
We highly recommend that if you have any concrete information to the contrary, please forward it to us so that our review board may confirm the information and post any changes. During the review period, the current posting will be flagged accordingly. We thank you for your attention and help in this matter. Please keep in mind, one "good" vote on a issue does not counter multiple "bad" votes on an issue.  We seek to accurately reflect the "CORE" values of each candidate.


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