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Richard Tisei


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Richard Tisei


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Has stated that he has not voted for a tax increase in 12 years. However, he also has not voted to decrease taxes (despite a couple of rare opportunities in Mass.)

*Ratings each year from CLT run from A to B to C to D to F. Past few years he's been fine. He has voted against some higher-profile tax increases. We've updgraded him from his 2001 lows of a solid D to a "leaning"t. He pulled a solid 100% A in 2009 just prior to announcing his run for Lt. Gov. Hmmm.....
Note also that as of last notice, he's against the ballot question to roll back the state's sales tax.

He recently REFUSED to sign the Norquist no-new taxes/no tax-increase pledge.

But, in fairness to Richard, he did point "John Tierney has one of the worst records in the entire Congress when it comes to taxes," Tisei said. "He is basically a rubber stamp. When a tax proposal comes up, he votes for it."



Tisei announced to run for Lt. Gov. with Charlie Baker a couple of days after finally "coming out of the closet" and revealing the worst-kept secret on Beacon Hill (he's had a "domestic partner for 16 years".)

Richard Tisei "is a cosponsor of HB 1728, the “transgender rights” or “bathroom bill,” a bill that would open public restrooms, locker rooms and other private areas to anyone of any gender regardless of biological sex. If elected, Tisei will be an advocate for radical social changes opposed by common sense conservatives." from


Keep Taxes Low  - NO
  1. In 2000, Sen. Tisei was the ONLY Senate Republican to vote against the tax rollback. (Citizens for Limited Taxation)

  2. In 2002, Sen. Tisei said that some tax increases are “probably inevitable.” (Associated Press)

  3. Sen. Tisei has received the highest rating from the Massachusetts Teachers Association of any Republican in the House or Senate at 84%. According to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF), during the 2007-2009 election cycle, the MTA’s political action committee donated to Richard Tisei. He was the only Senate Republican to receive money from the PAC, a PAC that also donated directly to the Committee for a Democratic Senate.

Pro-Family - NO
  1. Richard Tisei "is a cosponsor of HB 1728, the “transgender rights” or “bathroom bill,” a bill that would open public restrooms, locker rooms and other private areas to anyone of any gender regardless of biological sex. If elected, Tisei will be an advocate for radical social changes opposed by common sense conservatives." from
  2. Supporter of for Homosexual Marriage and funding for teaching same to grade-school children. Has been living with his male partner for 16+ years. His lifestyle has been a big focus of his 2010 onward campaign activities.
Pro-Life - NO
  1. Richard Tisei has received a 100% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts
  2. Richard Tisei has received a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
  3. Richard Tisei has received a 0% rating from Massachusetts Citizens for Life
  4. For the 2009-2010 legislative session, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts gave Richard Tisei a higher rating than all of his fellow Republican colleagues, as well as 9 Democrat colleagues
  5. Richard Tisei was the only Republican endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts in 2008
  6. Richard Tisei cosponsored an “emergency contraception bill” in 2005 vetoed by Governor Mitt Romney, going so far as to call the override a “priority of the Legislature.”
  7. Richard Tisei cosponsored the expanded “abortion clinic buffer zone” bill, banning constitutionally protected freedom of speech within 35 feet of an abortion clinic, and creating a 6 foot buffer zone around patients as well.

Ratings are courtesy of Project Vote Smart.

Notable Tisei Quotes:

Gov. Romney was a disaster we're all still trying to recover from - Sen. Richard Tisei

He did do a great job representing our state in Washington and Massachusetts really made out well with him as our senior senator. - Richard Tisei on Ted Kennedy.

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                                                     to have a mother, or a father; supports parent rights over state rights
                                                     especially with education in our schools
                                   Pro-Life = supports full term protection and birth of babies,
                                                      against support of tax dollars for abortion

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