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Matt Temperley



Guns, 2nd Amendment



I support the 2nd Amendment
I have a License to Carry
I have an FID Card
I am a member of GOAL
I am a member of the NRA
Gun license fees should be low to encourage legal gun ownership
I will support a hunter's rights
I will never vote to diminish gun owner's rights
I have or will seek the endorsement of GOAL


I believe that anybody who is responsible enough to have a gun should be allowed to have one. Gun licenses fees should be only to cover the cost of processing an application (basic police background check). In addition we need to enforce safety in our ranges across the nation. From own experience in combat and in shooting ranges, I know that bullets travel very long distances. We have to either make our ranges have proper barriers to stop bullets, or make sure nobody lives closer to the longest trajectory of the range's rounds. In other words, have fun but be safe.







I will never vote for a tax increase while the unemployment rate is above 5%. People in congress should not have full retirement, their money should be placed into a 401k. Serving in Congress is not a privilege, is an honor.






Yes means "I agree with the statements."


Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice



, not abortion

When do human beings begin to exist?

Until what point should a women be able to abort her baby?

Life of the mother is in danger, rape, incest.

Have you ever had the opportunity to promote your views on these issues? (provide an example).



Pro-Family vs. Pro Same-Sex Marriage



I will support marriage to exist between one man and one woman

I believe that marriage is something that is:

something that can be re-defined by the state

I believe homosexuality is

Have you ever had the opportunity to promote your views on these issues? (provide an example).

Additional Comments:
This should be decided by the states, not by the federal government.






Additional Comments:




(Republican and Democrat State Committee Members/Candidates):

1. Support of Current Party Chair:

He/she has done a good job and deserves our support.

I think we would benefit from a change in Party Chair, and I'm looking forward to supporting a new chair with a VERY different outlook from our most recent chair.

I have an open mind and look forward to hearing from all the candidates (whoever they may be) in the future.


2. Financial, Mailing, and Fundraising Support of Candidates:

I believe our party has appropriately funded candidates. Only minor changes if any would be appropriate.

I believe we need to conduct serious fundraising and prioritize our support for STATE REP candidates, not just the Gov.


3. State Party Image and Focus

Our message is clear and the voters understand.

Our message is confusing, diluted, and voters don't understand what we stand for. We need a serious re-focus and comprehensive information campaign. This is sorely needed, and we need to start NOW! This has been a major failure of our party and its chair.


4. My personal support of state rep. and other (non-Governor) candidates in 2008, 2010, and TODAY!:

Please give examples of what you have done:




About Me

Closest blood relative who served in the US Military, when and where:

Myself, two deployments to Iraq in a combat arms capacity.

Last two books you read:

A History of The Arab-Israeli Conflict, Not Either an Experimental Doll

Your favorite US President of all time, and why:

Your favorite US President of the 20th Century, and why:


Your LEAST favorite US President of the 20th Century, and why:


When was the last time you shot a firearm?

October, 2011

Focus on selling the products of our local manufacturers to other countries. Eliminate the influence of corporote influence in our disctrict by taking "0" campaign contributions from them. Pressure the City Mayors in my district to reduce propery taxes. Vote for laws that would encourage business growth and lower unemployment; and defend our soldier's and veteran's benefits at all costs.



Additional Candidate Campaign Information


Please donate by check at: Friends of Matt TemperleyP.O BOX 690047Quincy, MA 02269Or online at

Congressional Candidates ONLY:





Your candidate may be pro-life or pro-abortion. That is his/her option. This site is designed to reflect votes and positions so that YOU know what your candidate's CORE position is on various issues.  In the future, our database of each candidate's rating will contain links detailing the candidate's database of votes which earned each particular rating.

Definitions used on this website:
         Pro- 2nd Amendment = supports individual's gun rights
Enforce Immigration Laws = oppose drivers license, free tuition and benefits for illegals
                             Pro-Family = pro-child: supports marriage between one man and one woman
                                                     as he/she would not deny a child the fundamental right
                                                     to have a mother, or a father; supports parent rights over state rights
                                                     especially with education in our schools
                                   Pro-Life = supports full term protection and birth of babies,
                                                      against support of tax dollars for abortion

Information listed is based on best available public information, voting records, roll calls, endorsements promoted by candidates, and/or comments made by candidates.
We highly recommend that if you have any concrete information to the contrary, please forward it to us so that our review board may confirm the information and post any changes. During the review period, the current posting will be flagged accordingly. We thank you for your attention and help in this matter. Please keep in mind, one "good" vote on a issue does not counter multiple "bad" votes on an issue.  We seek to accurately reflect the "CORE" values of each candidate.


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