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David L. Steinhof, D.M.D.



Guns, 2nd Amendment



I support the 2nd Amendment
I have a License to Carry
I have an FID Card
I am a member of GOAL
I am a member of the NRA
Gun license fees should be low to encourage legal gun ownership
I will support a hunter's rights
I will never vote to diminish gun owner's rights
I have or will seek the endorsement of GOAL


My license to carry supercedes the authority of an FID card so I don't need one to carry legally. We will be actively seeking GOAL's endorsement. The right to carry is an enumerated, Constitutionally-protected right. Laws covering the right to carry should not be left to states or localities, but rather decided on a Federal level. Licensed gun owners should be allowed to legally carry firearms between states.






Taxes should reflect incentives to expand manufacturing and stimulate job growth. However, as a candidate for Federal office, some of these questions do not apply. We will actively be seeking the endorsement of CLT.






Border enforcement first. Given the enormous number of illegals residing within our country, measures must be taken to get a handle on who and where these people are.

I am in full support of the Secure Communities Act.


Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice



, not abortion

When do human beings begin to exist?

Human beings begin to exist at conception!

Until what point should a women be able to abort her baby?

Only under the rare instance when a doctor can only save the mother OR the child.

Have you ever had the opportunity to promote your views on these issues? (provide an example).

Previously as a private citizen and active member of my church, and more recently through the views expressed on my website:

I believe that Roe was made in response to a need for relief, because women were dying as a result of back-alley abortion, and that is as unacceptable today as it was then. Society attached stigmas to single mothers and women were sometimes desperate to avoid that stigma and associated life complications. That stigma is gone today.

Given the changes to social attitudes toward motherhood and the medical advances in both contraception and pre-natal care, my goal as a pro-life candidate is to ensure that sex education taught in our schools provides an in-depth explanation of all aspects of abortion, physical, social, spiritual and psychological; That options other than abortion are emphasized.

I would prefer to change the designation "pro-choice" to one of "pro-informed-decision" to ensure those who do seek abortions understand what they're doing. I believe that with proper education, the number of abortions will decrease dramatically.

As a doctor, I believe that no treatment should be offered to a patient without a complete explanation of all the possible outcomes. My goal is to help children lead lives that are safer, happier and healthier. We can achieve this without infringing upon the rights of women or the rights of infants.In the cases of rape and incest, I believe these women have been victimized at least once already. The decisions they make belong between their families, themselves, and God.




Pro-Family vs. Pro Same-Sex Marriage



I will support marriage to exist between one man and one woman

I believe that marriage is something that is:

something that can be re-defined by the state

Have you ever had the opportunity to promote your views on these issues? (provide an example).

Prior to becoming a candidate, I have always expressed my beliefs in strong families, regardless of their makeup. Subsequent to becoming a candidate, I have expressed my views on marriage and family on my website:

I was raised a Catholic, I married in the Catholic Church, I’m raising my daughters Catholic, and I still attend mass at St. Stanislaus Church in Fall River. To me, marriage is a sacrament that involves one man and one woman.But just like Jack Kennedy when he ran, I understand that my religion can inform my views, but the Constitution directs my actions. And the Constitution does not discriminate against same-sex marriage. Marriage as a legal construct has always been left up to the states, and I believe it should continue to be left up to the states. In terms of the religious and cultural aspects of marriage, I am NOT pro-homosexual-marriage. I am not an advocate. However, whatever two people decide to do before their God and family is up to them: it is an individual right. In such legal civil rights struggles as women's suffrage and the equal rights of African-Americans, there were forces active at the time who wished to restrict equality based upon unchanging demographics such as sex and skin color, and upon legal and moral precepts. I do not believe that the Constitution was meant to restrict people in this way. Likewise, I believe the Constitution speaks to individual rights, rather than restrictions, based upon sexual preference. The power of the Constitution requires that we are all obliged to defend the individual rights of our fellow Americans even if it puts into question another individual's personal beliefs.

Additional Comments:






Additional Comments:

All of my beliefs are instructed by the Constitution, which above all ensures equality before the law-- in both a positive and negative sense-- for all people, elected or otherwise.



About Me

Closest blood relative who served in the US Military, when and where:

Lt. Col. C. L. Hicks (USAF-Ret) of Georgia. WWII-Vietnam era, including active duty.

Last two books you read:

The Battle of the Bulge by Steven Sears; The Pearl by John Steinbeck.

Your favorite US President of all time, and why:

He was a citizen-legislator, a strong proponent for equality, and he had the great strength under duress to hold the Union together during the Civil War.

Your favorite US President of the 20th Century, and why:

Ronald Reagan: He was able to explain conservatism to the average man, and he won the Cold War.

Your LEAST favorite US President of the 20th Century, and why:

James Earl Carter: feckless and depressing. He took a bad situation in 1976 and made it much worse by 1980.

When was the last time you shot a firearm?

November 2011, but I am licensed to, and do carry a personal protection firearm regularly.

I will be a citizen-legislator, who has lived and worked in our district all my life. I have roots here that run three generations deep. Unlike my predecessor, I understand I work for the people, and not special interests. And I do not seek political office as a career, but rather as an opportunity to represent my friends across district 4; citizens like myself.



Congressional Candidates ONLY:

Self employed; I work for my patients, who are nearly all residents of District 4. When elected, I will work for the people of the 4th district.
.I am a dedicated 10th-er
see above



Additional Candidate Campaign Information -- Scott Anderson, campaign director



Your candidate may be pro-life or pro-abortion. That is his/her option. This site is designed to reflect votes and positions so that YOU know what your candidate's CORE position is on various issues.  In the future, our database of each candidate's rating will contain links detailing the candidate's database of votes which earned each particular rating.

Definitions used on this website:
         Pro- 2nd Amendment = supports individual's gun rights
Enforce Immigration Laws = oppose drivers license, free tuition and benefits for illegals
                             Pro-Family = pro-child: supports marriage between one man and one woman
                                                     as he/she would not deny a child the fundamental right
                                                     to have a mother, or a father; supports parent rights over state rights
                                                     especially with education in our schools
                                   Pro-Life = supports full term protection and birth of babies,
                                                      against support of tax dollars for abortion

Information listed is based on best available public information, voting records, roll calls, endorsements promoted by candidates, and/or comments made by candidates.
We highly recommend that if you have any concrete information to the contrary, please forward it to us so that our review board may confirm the information and post any changes. During the review period, the current posting will be flagged accordingly. We thank you for your attention and help in this matter. Please keep in mind, one "good" vote on a issue does not counter multiple "bad" votes on an issue.  We seek to accurately reflect the "CORE" values of each candidate.


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