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Jeff Semon



Guns, 2nd Amendment



I support the 2nd Amendment
I have a License to Carry
I have an FID Card
I am a member of GOAL
I am a member of the NRA
Gun license fees should be low to encourage legal gun ownership
I will support a hunter's rights
I will never vote to diminish gun owner's rights
I have or will seek the endorsement of GOAL


I have a class A large capacity license and support the 2nd amendment 100%. I just happen to have not joined the NRA or GOAL, not for any particular reason other than I never needed to. I have a membership at my local gun club.






I don't have the endorsement of CLT, but would love to have it. I met Grover Norquist a few weeks ago, emailed him, but never heard back. I am running for federal office so the sales, income and meals tax don't apply to my race, but they obliviously need to be lowered or eliminated. I want to CUT all government salaries not FREEZE them, so I don't want to answer yes or no.








Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice



, not abortion

When do human beings begin to exist?

Until what point should a women be able to abort her baby?

no point, unless her health is in danger (medical treatments that could endanger the baby)

Have you ever had the opportunity to promote your views on these issues? (provide an example).


My campaign is focusing on the economy.


Pro-Family vs. Pro Same-Sex Marriage



I will support marriage to exist between one man and one woman

Have you ever had the opportunity to promote your views on these issues? (provide an example).

Additional Comments:
The wording of these questions is somewhat ambiguous. Legally, marriage is a states rights issue. Each state is bound by the constitution to decide on the legality of marriage. The government should get out of the marriage business.






Additional Comments:

These comments should be taken in a Federal context only.Question 3 discounts the idea of the representative republic our founders established. Liberal progressives for years have been trying to get ballot questions for a whole host of issues, doing an end run around the legislature. Along this track, trying to eliminate the electoral college. Question 5 is similar to this. Popular (voted by the people) referendum is a liberal progressive tactic subverting our Constitution.




About Me

Closest blood relative who served in the US Military, when and where:

Last two books you read:

Your favorite US President of all time, and why:

Your favorite US President of the 20th Century, and why:


Your LEAST favorite US President of the 20th Century, and why:


When was the last time you shot a firearm?





Additional Candidate Campaign Information

Congressional Candidates ONLY:

The citizens of the 5th District



Your candidate may be pro-life or pro-abortion. That is his/her option. This site is designed to reflect votes and positions so that YOU know what your candidate's CORE position is on various issues.  In the future, our database of each candidate's rating will contain links detailing the candidate's database of votes which earned each particular rating.

Definitions used on this website:
         Pro- 2nd Amendment = supports individual's gun rights
Enforce Immigration Laws = oppose drivers license, free tuition and benefits for illegals
                             Pro-Family = pro-child: supports marriage between one man and one woman
                                                     as he/she would not deny a child the fundamental right
                                                     to have a mother, or a father; supports parent rights over state rights
                                                     especially with education in our schools
                                   Pro-Life = supports full term protection and birth of babies,
                                                      against support of tax dollars for abortion

Information listed is based on best available public information, voting records, roll calls, endorsements promoted by candidates, and/or comments made by candidates.
We highly recommend that if you have any concrete information to the contrary, please forward it to us so that our review board may confirm the information and post any changes. During the review period, the current posting will be flagged accordingly. We thank you for your attention and help in this matter. Please keep in mind, one "good" vote on a issue does not counter multiple "bad" votes on an issue.  We seek to accurately reflect the "CORE" values of each candidate.


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