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Baker supporters were in full force at the Pride Parade. The event ranged from serious to sureal. Baker, who's campaign has been especially focused on gay-rights was most prominent (when it began raining, he donned a yellow raincoat), marching in the parade as this is a very high priority of his and his running mate Tisei in the campaign.  Gov. Deval Patrick, who has made a point to note that he has lesbian daughter, was also, once again, a supporter of the parade events. Appears Baker is as supportive, if not more supportive of the homosexual agenda as is Patrick. So, it's a tossup between them. In contrast, Cahill appears to be focusing on the state's job market and finances.

That's the Baker/Tisei team with Know-Thy-Neighbor homosexual activist founders marching the Gay Pride Parade 2010.
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Well, with incumbents, VOTES speak loud, but with "challengers", picking through the mud can get murky at times.
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