Mark Fisher – Opposes Illegal Immigration

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  For Immediate Release
Contact: Andrew Skoog
Phone: 800 863 5737
Date: July 17, 2014
Crisis in Massachusetts: Illegal Immigration!
Today’s decision by Governor Deval Patrick to allow law breaking, illegal immigrants a safe harbor in Massachusetts has brought the National Immigration Crisis to Massachusetts in full force.  His lack of leadership will negatively impact the hard-working citizens in the state.

These impacts were brought to light recently when Mayor Kennedy of Lynn explained how the influx of Illegals has severely impacted and overwhelmed the city’s schools, health services and has threatened the very financial stability of Lynn.

The welcome invasion of Illegals into Massachusetts by Governor Patrick will cause an exodus of freedom-loving, taxpayers to states that respect the rule of law.  As a result, Massachusetts will go from Tax-a-chusetts to Detroit- a-chusetts.

Mark Fisher has strongly and consistently opposed Illegal Immigration from the start of his campaign for Governor.

Karen Anderson – Candidate to watch…


July 18, 2014

Karen Anderson Will Be Fiscal Watchdog for Taxpayers

Anderson Calls Last Year’s Overriding Governor’s Veto of Taxes Unnecessary

Boston, MA…Today on the one-year anniversary of the House voting to override the Governor’s veto of the tax package thus passing a $500 million in tax increases, Karen Anderson, candidate for State Representative joined the Yes on 1 organizers supporting the repeal of automatic gas tax hikes. The State House Tab is a list of how Massachusetts state government has wasted $2 billion of tax dollars.

“We in the Second Franklin District have to drive considerable distances to go to the doctor’s, work or stores. To place an automatic gas tax, based upon the gas tax index, which is a forever tax upon the people who are having great difficulty in this economy is an even greater burden to those who are trying to make a living. This is an unnecessary burden when the funds that are already there are being misappropriated.”

As the next State Representative, Karen Anderson promised to be a fiscal watchdog for the taxpayers of the Second Franklin District. “I will fight for common sense reforms and vocally oppose wasteful spending such as the $9 million dollar makeover of the Governor’s office, especially in a year when he is resigning,” said Anderson. “It’s time for accountability.”

“Our state doesn’t have a revenue problem. Our state government has a mismanagement problem,” said Rep. Geoff Diehl. “One year ago the House voted to raise taxes. Our focus should be on stopping the wasting of tax dollars rather than raiding the wallets of the hard working taxpayers.”

The State House Tab lists the following mismanagement problems:
Crime lab scandal $332 million
Toll takers severance package $24 million
Welfare fraud $200 million
Health Connector(failed website and insurance coverage problems) $500 million
Unemployment Insurance website overrun $6 million
Health safety net for ineligible residents $175 million
Abandoned department of revenue website $55 million
Mass Health for ineligible residents $93 million
MBTA maintenance Department mismanagement $250 million
40% increase in state employees earning over $100,000 $354 million
MBTA poorly designed renovations $11 million
Makeover of Governor’s Office $9 million
Transgender reassignment coverage $2.6 million
Evergreen Solar $30 million
State Climatologist $100,000

“This State House tab shows how taxes don’t need to be raised. They just need to stop being wasted,” said Karen Anderson.

“The opposition claims that $100 million is needed each year for transportation. The last time the gas tax was raised the money for the gas tax was raided for the general fund. If the majority party wants to continue to tax and spend in this fashion, they should have the courage to vote for the tax increases annually,” said State Representative Marc Lombardo.

“Our roads and bridges should be paved in gold for what we pay in taxes. This list doesn’t include in-state tuition costs for those who break the rules,” said State Representative Jim Lyons. “I urge voters to repeal automatic tax hikes. The linkage of the gas tax is a license to waste.”

“Over the past year we have outlined three different ways to pay for transportation needs without raising taxes. Let’s be fair to the taxpayers and demand reform,” said Diehl.

The attorney for the group is former U.S. Attorney Mike Sullivan.

For more information visit
Ray Younghans
Media Coordinator – Committee to Elect Karen Anderson –  MA Representative Second Franklin District

CAPE COD CARES – Candidates to Wash Cars to Support Troops SAT 19th


The candidates do the scrubbing!  If it doesn’t shine, give ‘em heck!
All proceeds go to Cape Cod Cares for Our Troops
Suggested donation:  ten bucks — wheels and all!
When:  Saturday, July 19th, from 10:00AM to 1:00PM
Where:  Mahoney’s Garden Center, 958 East Falmouth Highway, Falmouth
Whether your car is clean or dirty, come out and support Cape Cod Cares for Our Troops on the 19th!
The Candidates . . .Leo Cakounes
(candidate for County Commissioner)

Rep. Vinny DeMacedo
(candidate for State Senate, Plymouth and Barnstable)

Rep. David Vieira
(candidate for re-election, 3rd Barnstable District)

Mark Alliegro
(candidate for U.S. House, 9th Congressional District)
. . . will be on hand to make sure your car shines!Cape Cod Cares for Our Troops is a truly home-grown, local charitable organization that sends packages to our deployed troops on a weekly basis.  Cape Cod Cares for Our Troops sends approximately 2,600 packages per year (over 18,000 to date) containing necessary items such as socks, toothpaste, and soap, as well as snacks and treats to our young men and women overseas.Organized by The Committee to Elect Mark Alliegro
Cape Cod Cares for Our Troops

Rich Bastien to run against Jen Flanagan – State Senate

July 9, 2014

Touting Fresh Energy and Problem Solving, Bastien Announces bid for State Senate

FITCHBURG- Former State Representative Rich Bastien announced today that he is embarking on a sticker campaign for State Senate for the Worcester and Middlesex District. The seat is currently held by Jen Flanagan, who announced in April that she did not qualify for the ballot this September.

“I appreciate Ms. Flanagan’s 20 years of time on Beacon Hill, but I believe we need a change in this district,” stated Mr. Bastien. “I was born in Leominster, raised in Fitchburg, and outside of when I served overseas in the Navy, I’ve lived in this district my entire life. This is my hometown. I’ve traveled around the Worcester and Middlesex District these last few weeks meeting and listening to what people are going through. As someone who works for a living trying to make ends meet, I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective, energy, and ideas to this race.”

Bastien served as State Representative for the Second Worcester District from 2011-2013, and spent the last year filling in as the Technology/Engineering teacher at Gardner Middle School while working nights and weekends at Advance Auto Parts in Gardner, oftentimes over 65 hours per week between both jobs. “I always tried to teach my students how to solve problems, and Beacon Hill has a lot of them. I know the meaning of hard work, and while the state budget has skyrocketed $8 Billion in just 6 years, local aid is down over $350 million, forcing cities and towns into Proposition 2½ overrides. I feel the legislature has their priorities wrong and know I can offer common sense solutions to restore local aid funding, bring back better paying jobs, and cut taxes for working families in our district.”

With Senator Flanagan failing to qualify for the ballot, Bastien will be running a sticker campaign to win the Republican Primary on September 9th. If he receives more than 300 certified write in votes, he will appear on the ballot in this year’s November election. The district consists of the cities of Fitchburg, Gardner and Leominster and the towns of Berlin, Bolton, Clinton, precincts 1 and 2, Lancaster, Lunenburg, Sterling and Westminster in the county of Worcester; and the town of Townsend in the county of Middlesex.




Capppucci Banner

Medford, MA …Robert Cappucci announces his campaign as the Republican candidate for State Senate. Lifelong resident of Medford, active community member, member of Knights of Columbus and Republican State Committeeman for Second Middlesex District, Cappucci wants to take his passion for less government, quality education and pro-jobs agenda to Beacon Hill.

Robert Cappucci understands the challenges we face and why we face them. For decades our Commonwealth has been subject to one party rule. Our, well educated, innovative, and motivated citizens are stifled by over-taxation and over-regulation. Our current leadership is eroding Massachusetts’s quality K through 12 education, trading our higher standards for a national one-size-fits-all Common Core Program.

Cappucci’s approach starts with restoring balance to our dysfunctional system. Substantive debate must refresh the current stagnate groupthink. Replace the “government first and government always” approach to problem-solving, by unleashing each citizen potential. Create a thriving economic environment with less burdensome taxes and regulations.

Working in medical device industry, Robert sees first hand what negative impact on jobs the Obama-care Medical Device Tax is having on employment in his field. Therefore, exempting Massachusetts from this job-killer will be a first priority on his growth agenda.

We must drop Common Core standardization. Instead, strengthen our already first-rate educational system by restoring local control and thus ensuring we remain America’s beacon of education. Keep our graduates, the future risk-takers and job-creators, in Massachusetts building a stronger and better Commonwealth.

Serving in the Legislature is a privilege and sacrificial public service. It was never intended to become the existing perk-laden sweetheart deal at the taxpayers’ expense. To that end, Cappucci has pledged to forego a per diem for commuting expenses. In sharp contrast, the incumbent State Senator audaciously takes per diem to commute from Somerville to Beacon Hill. Adding insult to injury, she voted to raise and index the gas tax to inflation. This means it forever increases automatically, without a vote of legislature.

In short Cappucci’s vision is simple and refreshing: Maintain and improve quality education and allow the pioneering, motivated genius of Massachusetts’s citizenry solve the problems created by our onerous government.

To learn more about Robert Cappucci and his vision for the Second Middlesex District, visit where you can also follow him on Facebook.

GLOBE EXPOSES Denise Andrews – Not doing her job, brags about not reading the bills, budgets

Jeff Jacoby from the Boston Globe nailed Rep. Andrews, from which we quote in part:


“When someone asks me, have I read the 500 pages that came out this morning? — I printed them off, I’m glancing through them,” Representative Denise Andrews of Orange said, according to State House News Service. “But I haven’t read it, and I won’t, because I believe in the process that we’re engaged in. I came in three years ago and have witnessed nothing but excellence and fiscal management from the chairman of Ways and Means and his team.”

The budget, by the way, which Ms. Andrews refers to has been attacked by a small band of dissenters because it scews cities and towns, etc., some points highlighted by Rep. James Lyons of Andover, include:

■  A “precipitous decline in local aid,” which has taken a $400 million hit since 2008;

■ An alarming increase in state spending, and the corresponding surge in the state payroll by more than 10,000 employees under Deval Patrick’s administration;

■ The Democratic leadership’s refusal to consider rolling back the state sales tax rate to the longstanding 5 percent, from which it was hiked in 2009;

■ The administration’s use of public funds on “interference with parental rights,” the Justina Pelletier case being a ghastly recent example.


Jeff Jacoby can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @jeff_jacoby.

DeLeo in the Crosshairs for Corruption – Jones called “DeLeo’s Poodle” – Republicans Refuse to Stand Up

Quite an ending to June 2014, which saw:

1. Brad Jones is “DeLeo’s Poodle”.
Noted WRKO Talk Show Host Jeff Kuhner joining the chorus calling for the end of the failed reign of  Republican House Minority Leader Brad Jones, calling him “DeLeo’s Poodle”,  poodle

and pointing out how the long-term minority leader Jones “muzzles” Republican opposition to the Democrat Gravy King House Speaker Bob DeLeo.


2.Corruption in the Statehouse? Say it ain’t so!


House Speaker Bob DeLeo, in the wake of the last 3 Democrat House Speakers either sentenced to jail time or pleaded out guilty (see our wall-of-shame), “The Gravy King” Bob DeLeo now finds himself as the center of crosshairs in a major corruption scandal trial regarding trading jobs for votes and support (‘spreading the Gravy’).  More details unfolding, including several members of his own caucus testifying in court and how their friends and recommendations got gov’t jobs after the DeLeo exchanges….details to follow…



3. House Minority Republican ‘Leader’ Brad Jones sat on his routund once again


along with the majority of his tiny team of followers at the statehouse, including Rep. Shiela Harrington (who stood AGAINST Justina Pelletier’s release, and led a charge on the house floor to unconditionally support the disgraced D.C.F. and court system — video available widely), while a $4.8B supplemental budget to fund the government to start Fiscal year 2015 was presented in the Chambers.

Jones and his ‘team’   would not stand up for a roll call vote (a basic listing of who is for, who is against, come on people, you SHOULD at least take a roll-call vote, not a voice vote).      So, $4.8 Billion in spending, and the Republicans couldn’t get 16 members (number required) out of 29 to stand up and demand a roll-call vote on the bill.  Where is the ‘leadership’ in this?


HUGE Kudos once again  to 12 Republican Reps:
(Someone called them Brad Jones’s nightmare team, or “the dirty dozen“):
Lenny Mirra, Shawn Dooley, Todd Smola, Nick Boldyga, Marc Lombardo, Geoff Diehl, Kevin Kuros, Leah Cole, Shaunna O’Connell, and Jim Lyons.  Representative Fattman and Durant were not in the chamber at the time, but have said they they certainly would have stood for the roll call (as they have done in the past, they have solid records of support for transparency).



The Joint Committee on Transportation will be voting on the so-called Safe Driving Bill, H3285, tomorrow, Monday. This bill has nothing to do with safe driving and its sole purpose is to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Our best chance to kill it is to not let it get out of committee to the House floor for a full vote.

The Transportation Committee is supposed to take a vote on this sometime before 3 pm Monday so it is imperative that you call committee members tomorrow morning and ask them to vote against it. You can get a list of the members and their phone numbers at and then click on “Joint Committee Plus Talking Points.” You do not have to call Senator Bob Hedlund’s office as he is with us. Also on this page are reasons why the bill is bad for Massachusetts if you need any more information.

This is your chance to make a difference.

Please make the effort to call tomorrow morning!!

Ted Tripp
Merrimack Valley Tea Party

Below is the message I received from Jessica Vaughan:

Just received word that the illegal alien driver’s license bill, H3285 – otherwise known as the “Safe Driving Bill” —  could be voted on as early as Monday June 23 in the Joint Transportation Committee.  Please alert your activists that now is the time to call legislators – specifically the members of the Joint Transportation Committee and their own representatives.  If there is an opportunity to see them in person over the weekend, that is even better.

The sole purpose of this bill is to allow illegal aliens to get drivers licenses in Massachusetts.  There are no provisions for driver training or to combat identity fraud.  States that have passed such legislation have experienced higher fraud rates and a surge of applications from out of state residents and criminals, and experienced no improvements in road safety or insurance rates.

A recent Border Patrol intelligence report on a survey of illegal migrants recently apprehended in South Texas revealed that Massachusetts is one of the top destinations.  Sanctuary policies like this provide further incentive to come here illegally.

In addition, this bill will degrade the integrity of the Massachusetts license as a form of identification.

Now is the time to register your views with Beacon Hill.

In addition, it would not hurt to mention that the Trust Act (S1135) and the Special Juvenile Bill (H1414) should also be rejected, because they undermine our immigration laws.  The Trust Act would shield from deportation all incarcerated aliens whose sentence was less than 5 years in state prison.  The Special Juvenile Bill would allow illegal aliens between the ages of 18-21 to be declared wards of the court and receive state-funded health and social services, AND shield them AND their parents from deportation.

It’s all bad, tell the lawmakers to just say No.

Thanks, Jessica

Jessica M. Vaughan

Director of Policy Studies

Center for Immigration Studies

Andrea Farretta for State Representative Campaign Kick-off!

Andrea Farretta for State Representative Campaign Kick-off!

Join us as we kick off Andrea Farretta’s Campaign for State Representative, 4th Norfolk District with Special Guests, Charlie Baker for Governor, State Senator Bob Hedlund, State Representative Geoff Diehl and State Committeewoman Janet Fogarty.

Thursday, June 19th,  5:30pm – 7:30pm

Hearth ‘n Kettle

151 Main Street

Weymouth, MA

Appetizers and Cash Bar

Suggested Donation:  $40 – $80 – $125 (Reagan Sponsor)  $250 (Lincoln Sponsor)

RSVP – Vincent Farretta at or 781-335-8468

Justina Speaks: Let me go home – Message to Judge Joseph T. Johnston, Jr.

Question of the Year:   I wonder if Judge Joseph T. Johnston, Jr. remains with a cruel dead heart, blindly believing Children’s Hospital and the disgraced D.C.F., or if his frozen soul has started to melt, and he can now begin to see beyond the mistakes of his past?